WordPress users, put your website on indoona with our plugin!

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform for creating sites and blogs and allows virtually anyone to create and manage a website without the need for special skills in programming. To testify that WordPress is both reliable and functional not only for amateur sites, there is a growing presence of many professional websites made with this platform: in fact WordPress not only provides a set of easy-to-use tools to create sites and blogs, but also gives the opportunity to enrich and improve them through plugins developed by third parties. One of these is the indoona plugin.

One of the main needs for anyone who runs a website, in fact, is to increase and diversify the traffic as well as keep regular visitors up to date with the news that are posted online. The indoona plugin allows you to keep your followers and fans always up to date with your WordPress site, directly from their indoona chat: by installing this plugin in your WP website you will be able to notify your followers in real-time when you publish something new.

First of all you have to create an app within our indoona open platform (choose app type ‘WordPress’): to do this you need an indoona account. After creating the app – with all the info of your website – you just have to connect it to your site by installing the indoona plugin – you can find it here, or directly in the ‘Plugins‘ section of your WordPress dashboard. Finally, go to ‘Settings‘ page of the plugin and follow the instructions to configure it.

Once you have configured the plugin, come back in our indoona platform and publish the app clicking on the ‘Request Publication‘ button. Finally, include the button Notify me on indoona on your site by adding the ‘indoona connect’ widget to the homepage: through this button you can invite your visitors to subscribe to updates via indoona. They will be able to find and subscribe to your site also within the ‘Applications‘ section of the indoona client. From that moment your visitors will receive a chat message everytime you publish a new post: in this way they will remain up to date and can read your new posts also in mobility, furthermore they will promote your site on the indoona customer base by sharing it in groups and chatting around it!

What you waiting for? Discover now the WordPress sites that are already on indoona and join them!