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The computer is not an intelligent machine that helps stupid people, indeed, it’s a dumb machine that only works in the hands of intelligent people” (Umberto Eco)

Umberto Eco, the famous semiotics scholar who recently passed away, had an original opinion on machines and computers. As a deep connoisseur of the mechanisms of communication, he knew that any machine, however sophisticated, always needs the correct inputs to perform the right task at the right time.

Behind any artificial intelligence there is always an intelligence in the flesh and there is no electronic brain capable of replacing the spark of human imagination: we at indoona know it very well and always work so that the technology is at the service of creativity and intelligence and not vice versa. Empowering people is our rule and in its honor we welcome you to our new indoona blog!

The communication is changing day by day, after the advent of the social media and the apps. Thanks to the new frontiers of software development, people now are returning to the center of information exchange processes, towards a new disintermediation. This blog was created as a point of reference for all those – individuals and companies – interested in these issues: we will talk about Internet of Everything, open source platforms, communication, messaging, chats, apps development and Machine2Machine solutions.

It will be a place for information and divulgation, confrontation and integration on an issue – that of connectivity (between people and between people and things) – now strategic for all productive industries, without exception: a Cisco survey shows that by the end of 2018, the data traffic generated by applications and connected devices will reach 400 zettabyte per year – an impressive amount of data, if you think that 1 zettabyte equals 1 trillion gigabytes.

The indoona commitment is to provide a flexible and open platform to an infinite number of hardware and software developments, our wish is to build, day after day, a direct relationship with our blog visitors, not necessarily users of our services, but interested just like us to seize the opportunities that technological evolution offers to give people the power to communicate to anyone and anything!

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