Most consumers prefer messaging to voice

Cloud-communications company Twilio, today released the results of its Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report, a study about how consumers communicate with brands and businesses. The report shows that 90% of customers would like to use messaging to talk to businesses, which in turn, however, don’t yet have the right infrastructure to do so right now.

The scenario that emerges from this study is that 66% of consumers overall prefer instant messaging over face-to-face interactions with businesses, meanwhile 85 percent of them want to be able to not just get messages from brands but also to answer them using the same channels.

Surprisingly, but not too much, when communicating with brands, 47% of consumers still prefer to use native SMS, 21% prefer Facebook Messenger, 18% WhatsApp and 2% prefer Snapchat.

customer-service-preferredNow brands have several options in front of them: they could build their messaging infrastructure or rely on the players already on the market. Thanks to its open platform, Indoona offers a chatbots-based solution that allows to communicate with consumers in a simple and versatile way. Brands can create simple bots to interact with their customers within the indoona chat, instead of developing heavy and complicated native apps.

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