Submit school forms via chat with the new indoona plugin!

Keeping your WordPress website followers always up to date directly from their indoona chat? Yes, but not only! The range of indoona features on WordPress is enriched with our new plugin for school forms! For several months several schools across Italy, which adhere to the community Porte aperte sul web have been choosing indoona as an information channel to share their communications with students, parents and staff. The mechanism is based on the indoona plugin for WordPress, which allows to send the institute’s website updates through the indoona chat.

The big news is that starting from today the schools that already use the indoona plugin have available a new tool to manage communications with the school staff: the plugin indoona Schools, in fact, allows teaching and non-teaching staff to fill and submit various forms (e.g.: work permits, holiday requests, etc.) directly from the indoona chat, through a compilation path guided by a chatbot.

The operation is very simple: indoona Schools works as an extension of the indoona plugin, therefore requires the latter to be installed and active. Once installed and activated the Schools plugin too, the school can enable the staff to request the forms via indoona: the entire process is done through an easy and intuitive questions/answers mechanism. At the end of the procedure the user who sent the request via chat will receive a confirmation with all the information via chat and via email.

Porte aperte sul web promotes and supports, among other things, the creation of school websites through the adoption of open source CMS like WordPress: as of today more than 1,000 schools in all Italian regions use the templates of the community for their websites. The idea that supports the community is that “a good communication is useless if you do not communicate to everybody and with everybody“: indoona Schools plugin is another step in this direction.

Want to know more? Tuesday, October 25th, 3:30 pm at SMAU Milano 2016 (Arena Smart Communities – Pavilion 4 Fieramilanocity) the WordPress for the new digital school workshop will illustrate our Schools plugin as openchat tool for an easier communication!