Indoona is now on IFTTT!

As you all probably already know the motto of indoona is “Connecting everything” and it is no coincidence. For us “connecting” means building bridges, it means putting people at the center of their choices and give them the freedom to communicate as they prefer. Communicate with other people, but also with the web, objects, applications and intelligent services, and do it directly with tools that are used every day: smartphone and personal computer.

But this is not enough for us, we like the idea that the indoona universe can communicate 360°, even with other universes: and it is for this reason that we are happy to announce that starting from today indoona is on IFTTT with its official Channel! What is IFTTT? IFTTT stands for If This Then That and it is the most important app interconnection platform in the world, developed to create automated interactions between different applications, including of course indoona 😉

IFTTT allows different applications “to talk to each other” and to take actions based on certain inputs chosen by you: for example, if you have a Netatmo Weather Station and the temperature in your baby’s room raises too much, you can use IFTTT to automatically get notified on indoona. Or if you write an indoona message starting with a specific word or sentence, you can use IFTTT to control your smart appliances (e.g. Samsung, General Electric, Whirlpool, LG) or smart lightbulbs (e.g. Philips, Belkin) at home. Again: you can receive a notification when your wife’s BMW connected car enters a specific area (e.g. she comes home) or you can start your Samsung robot vacuum by sending a message starting with ‘vacuum’. These are just some examples of what you can do with indoona and IFTTT, the possibilities are almost endless!

ifttt recipes

How does IFTTT work? It’s very simple! Just create what is called a “Recipe” involving your favorite apps (“Channels”): each Recipe is made up of two parts, the “Trigger” – which is the “if” part – and the “Action” – which is the “then” part. Indoona – among the Channels – exposes both Triggers and Actions and interconnects with IFTTT thanks to a dedicated chatbot (“Your IFTTT Buddy”), to which you can send commands and from which you will receive messages. This means you can not only get notifications on indoona from other IFTTT channels, but you can also activate them by sending a file or a text message starting with a specified sentence. The latter possibility, in particular, makes indoona a perfectly suitable tool for the Internet of Things on IFTTT: by interpreting the content of your text messages, the indoona Channel is able to control your smart devices in a truly customizable fashion.

Starting to create recipes on IFTTT is very easy: create an account on IFTTT, search for the indoona Channel and connect your account: “Your IFTTT Buddy” contact will be added to your contact list and you will be ready to create your own recipes. There are over 200 channels available on IFTTT, ranging from connected appliances to web services, social networks, smart devices, wearables, calendars, cloud storage services, connected cars etc. Check out the indoona Channel on IFTTT and, for those who want a little taste, we have selected some recipes featuring indoona. Enjoy!

IFTTT Recipe: If room temperature rises, notify me on indoona connects netatmo-weather-station to indoona
Is your Netatmo Weather Station telling you it’s too hot in the baby’s room? Get notified through indoona chat!

IFTTT Recipe: Toggle your WeMo switch by texting 'wemo' on indoona connects indoona to wemo-switch

Open the chat with your IFTTT Buddy on indoona, and text ‘wemo’ (no matter the case): hence, you can control your Belkin’s WeMo Switch.

IFTTT Recipe: Get notified on indoona when a new note is created in Evernote connects evernote to indoona

Every time a new note is added to a specific Evernote notebook, you will receive a text message containing a link to the note.

IFTTT Recipe: Upload pictures, movies, documents and more with a message connects indoona to google-drive

Send a message to your IFTTT Buddy on indoona with a picture, a movie, an audio note or whatever file you may need to upload. You will readily find it on Google Drive!

IFTTT Recipe: Notify me on indoona when my WeMo switch is turned off connects wemo-switch to indoona

You should not want your fish tank’s pump to be accidentally turned off! Using this recipe you will get a notification when your Belkin’s WeMo Switch is turned off.