November 7, 2016

US Election Day and Concerns over Electronic Voting

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8th, the United States will choose their 45th President, the election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will end and the votes of US citizens will decreed victory for the Republican or Democratic candidate. What not everyone remembers, however, is the way in which the voting will take place. In America, in fact, for years, numerous voting mechanisms have been coexisting: traditional ballot papers to be inserted in the ballot box have been flanked by many devices for electronic voting.

Electromechanical voting machines (which record the vote by punching on paper) and computer with touchscreen terminals are only two of the types of machinery used to express electoral preferences: alongside the undoubted advantages in terms of speed and storage of voting data, they have an unavoidable component of vulnerability that every four years rekindles the debate over the safety of the vote in the US.

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