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May 25, 2017

Important News about indoona

Since 2011, thousands of people have used indoona to talk to each other and interact with people, web, smart services & objects.

Today, we are sharing the news that on August 31st 2017 indoona will be discontinued and will no longer be available. Starting from May 24 2017, you will no longer be able to download indoona from the iOS, Google play, and Microsoft stores or buy indoona credit. We therefore invite you to spend your remaining credit by August 31st.

Nothing is happening to installed apps, website or your account TODAY: you can still chat and make calls until August 31st.

A BIG THANK to those who followed, supported and promoted us! To stay up-to-date on Tiscali products, please visit Tiscali’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! :)

The indoona team

plugin indoona schools
October 25, 2016

Submit school forms via chat with the new indoona plugin!

Keeping your WordPress website followers always up to date directly from their indoona chat? Yes, but not only! The range of indoona features on WordPress is enriched with our new plugin for school forms! For several months several schools across Italy, which adhere to the community Porte aperte sul web have been choosing indoona as an information channel to share their communications with students, parents and staff. The mechanism is based on the indoona plugin for WordPress, which allows to send the institute’s website updates through the indoona chat.

The big news is that starting from today the schools that already use the indoona plugin have available a new tool to manage communications with the school staff: the plugin indoona Schools, in fact, allows teaching and non-teaching staff to fill and submit various forms (e.g.: work permits, holiday requests, etc.) directly from the indoona chat, through a compilation path guided by a chatbot.

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indoona IFTTT
October 19, 2016

Indoona is now on IFTTT!

As you all probably already know the motto of indoona is “Connecting everything” and it is no coincidence. For us “connecting” means building bridges, it means putting people at the center of their choices and give them the freedom to communicate as they prefer. Communicate with other people, but also with the web, objects, applications and intelligent services, and do it directly with tools that are used every day: smartphone and personal computer.

But this is not enough for us, we like the idea that the indoona universe can communicate 360°, even with other universes: and it is for this reason that we are happy to announce that starting from today indoona is on IFTTT with its official Channel! What is IFTTT? IFTTT stands for If This Then That and it is the most important app interconnection platform in the world, developed to create automated interactions between different applications, including of course indoona 😉

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instant articles
October 6, 2016

Indoona blog in the Instant Articles format!

As we have told in the recent past, internet browsing from mobile it’s increasingly outperforming desktop navigation. Our blog is no exception and most of its mobile readers come directly from our Facebook page. Our purpose has always been to enhance the reading experience of our blog, for this reason from today our blog posts from Facebook app for smartphones will be in the Instant Articles format.

What are the Instant Articles? They are a new format for reading content, designed for those who navigate within the Facebook application for smartphones. This new format has two great advantages: it makes a website content loading faster and improves the users’ reading experience. On average an article whose link is posted in the Facebook app takes about eight seconds to load. Although Facebook for smartphones has long adopted its own browser, the load time is still quite long. The Instant articles format allows to pre-load blog posts directly within Facebook and with a more essential graphics, which favors the article content (text, photos and video) more than the site template. The loading thus becomes up to ten times faster.

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indoona wordpress plugin
September 15, 2016

WordPress users, put your website on indoona with our plugin!

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform for creating sites and blogs and allows virtually anyone to create and manage a website without the need for special skills in programming. To testify that WordPress is both reliable and functional not only for amateur sites, there is a growing presence of many professional websites made with this platform: in fact WordPress not only provides a set of easy-to-use tools to create sites and blogs, but also gives the opportunity to enrich and improve them through plugins developed by third parties. One of these is the indoona plugin.

One of the main needs for anyone who runs a website, in fact, is to increase and diversify the traffic as well as keep regular visitors up to date with the news that are posted online. The indoona plugin allows you to keep your followers and fans always up to date with your WordPress site, directly from their indoona chat: by installing this plugin in your WP website you will be able to notify your followers in real-time when you publish something new.

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consumers messaging businesses
September 12, 2016

Most consumers prefer messaging to voice

Cloud-communications company Twilio, today released the results of its Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report, a study about how consumers communicate with brands and businesses. The report shows that 90% of customers would like to use messaging to talk to businesses, which in turn, however, don’t yet have the right infrastructure to do so right now.

The scenario that emerges from this study is that 66% of consumers overall prefer instant messaging over face-to-face interactions with businesses, meanwhile 85 percent of them want to be able to not just get messages from brands but also to answer them using the same channels.

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March 11, 2016

Welcome to our blog!

The computer is not an intelligent machine that helps stupid people, indeed, it’s a dumb machine that only works in the hands of intelligent people” (Umberto Eco)

Umberto Eco, the famous semiotics scholar who recently passed away, had an original opinion on machines and computers. As a deep connoisseur of the mechanisms of communication, he knew that any machine, however sophisticated, always needs the correct inputs to perform the right task at the right time.

Behind any artificial intelligence there is always an intelligence in the flesh and there is no electronic brain capable of replacing the spark of human imagination: we at indoona know it very well and always work so that the technology is at the service of creativity and intelligence and not vice versa. Empowering people is our rule and in its honor we welcome you to our new indoona blog!

The communication is changing day by day, after the advent of the social media and the apps. Thanks to the new frontiers of software development, people now are returning to the center of information exchange processes, towards a new disintermediation. This blog was created as a point of reference for all those – individuals and companies – interested in these issues: we will talk about Internet of Everything, open source platforms, communication, messaging, chats, apps development and Machine2Machine solutions.

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